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The Washington Buddhist Peace Fellowship (WBPF) has found a multitude of ways to connect with and bring compassion and clarity to our larger community: We sponsored a silent peace walk just prior to the U.S. war in Iraq, co-sponsored peace promotion events with like-minded organizations, and hosted workshops and events to cultivate peace within ourselves. Our monthly meetings, website, and listserv have offered interested people ways to find out about peace-related events in the Washington area, and opportunities to get involved. Our distinctive bumper stickers let the general community see and reflect upon the concept: "Peace in Your Heart, Peace in the World"

You don't have to be a Buddhist to join the Washington Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Becoming a member of the WBPF requires only a genuine desire to support creating a peaceful world using peaceful means. As a member, you'll receive mailings through the WBPF listserv, discounts on WBPF workshops to cultivate inner peace, announcements of upcoming events in the area that foster peace and understanding, and the satisfaction of knowing you're taking positive steps to create social change.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please become a member of the Washington Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Several categories of financial support are available, so all may contribute to our work according to their budget. We thank you, and wish you peace in your heart, peace in the world.