Dec 5, 2009 WBPF Meeting - Notes

The December 5, 2009 WBPF meeting at Teaism in DC began with a few minutes of silent mindfulness meditation. We went around the table, and each of us discussed how mindfulness practice affects our own concerns, intentions, and our inconsistent actions regarding Global Warming -- personally, in our relationships, and in our collective efforts: mindful consumption, discussing Global Warming with friends and colleagues, and in choosing how and when to participate in advocacy efforts locally and globally.

We discussed how we need to embody our mindful practice in very concrete ways, if we are to follow through in a sustained way on our personal commitments to learn and act in ways to reverse Global Warming and mitigate its consequential harm and injustice, or any other important intentions in our lives.

We decided to form an Engaged Practice Group on Climate Change -- for all who wish to participate -- meeting regularly at Teaism or elsewhere; and communicating in email and on the web, whether or not everyone can attend each meeting.

So, as an extension of, we have already activated a public WBPF Blog for WBPF where articles are being posted to spur discussion in ensuing comments among WBPF members and the public.

Also, we have just activated a new private to facilitate scheduling WBPF meetings, Engaged Practice Groups, and other activities. There are private Discussion Forums, Message Boards, Mailing List, Photos, Files and Resource pages. Registration in the WBPF MeetUp ensures privacy and topical focus conducive to our interactive discussions and collaboration there, and timely email reminders of WBPF Meetings and other related events.

So, please consider joining now for free. Once you have joined, please try out the RSVP feature to indicate whether you will be coming to each of the posted WBPF meetings or events. For any assistance with this please contact

If you are not already subscribed to the WBPF email list, please join, because that private email list will continue to be the primary way that WBPF meetings and events are announced, and members spontaneously share information among ourselves.

All four of these tools, WBPF Email List,, WBPF Blog, and help us support each other in our engaged mindfulness practice to create a peaceful world through peaceful means.