Sep 27 Buddhist/NAACP Walk, Charles Town, WV

2009 marks 150 years since the John Brown Raid on Harpers Ferry to support freedom for slaves. The Jefferson County NAACP is coordinating the sesquicentennial events with the National Park Service.

As part of this observance, hosted by local NAACP Representative, Jim Tolbert, there will be a mindful walk from the Courthouse in Charles Town, West Virginia to the hanging site. At the end of the four block walk, participants will sit in silence for 40 minutes (chairs will be provided). After that, a short talk will be given by Buddhist monk, Bhikku Buddarakkhita from the Bhavanna Monastery in High View, WV.

All those interested are invited to attend. Gather at the Courthouse, 100 E Washington St, Charles Town, WV (MAP) on Sunday, September 27 and begin the walk at 4:00 p.m.