Sep 21 International Day of Peace Meditation
at Jefferson Memorial and at Home

Many people will be gathering for 30-minutes of non-sectarian silent meditation for peace on Monday, September 21 at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC to locally celebrate International Day of Peace, which is a United Nations global holiday held annually since 1982.

The event starts at 10:30 AM and ends at 1:00 PM. The 30-minute meditation will be from noon to 12:30 PM

The local sponsors suggest wearing white clothing to connote peacefulness and positivity.

If you can not attend, the event sponsors invite you to meditate for peace at Noon or some other time that day.

Additional information is at . There you may RSPV ("sign up") for the Sep 21 event (but of course you may come regardless of RSVP). Seperately you may also consider signing up for year-long (Sep 21, 2009 - Sep 21, 2010) 15-munite daily at-home mediation in support of International Peace.