Oct 24 Local Events for International Day of Action on Climate Change

At WBPF meetings we have been discussing how Climate Change increases harm to all beings and how mindful engagement in individual, relational and collective action can help reverse Global Warming, limit Climate Change, and mitigate its harmful consequences and social injustice.

In advance of the high-stakes United Nations Climate Change Conference (December 7 - 18), there will be many grassroots efforts to communicate to decision makers of all nations that people all over the world want a climate treaty that is effective and socially just, especially for the most vulnerable beings of the world.

On Saturday, October 24, 350.org is promoting an International Day of Climate Action to "inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis — to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet".

Here is a list and map of dozens of local MD/DC/VA-area International Day of Climate Action events that invite us to participate. (Zooming/scrolling changes the map area and the corresponding list of events below the map.)

Please consider which of those events (or other efforts) you might find appropriate to join and contribute the peace, compassion and wisdom of your own mindful engagement. Here are a few examples: