What We Can Do to Support Tibet at Losar

A message from Tenzin Dorje:
In response to the message Lhadon and I sent last week many
Tibetans from around the world have written heartfelt
messages about how they plan to observe Losar – the lunar
Tibetan New Year
– by asserting their Tibetan identity and
taking action for Tibet.

Last year, Tibetans worldwide decided to observe Losar as
an occasion of mourning for those killed in China's
crackdown in 2008 following the Tibetan uprising. In a
remarkable grassroots civil disobedience campaign,
Tibetans turned silence – generally a sign of submission –
into a weapon of resistance.

On February 14th Tibetans will again greet the New Year
with an air of defiance
– many are planning not to
celebrate while many others will embrace cultural
traditions as an act of subversive resistance. The
tactical approach aside, one thing is clear: Tibetans are
unified in the desire to help bring change on the ground
inside Tibet.

If you are Tibetan, please make a Losar pledge to take one
action a week - or one simple action a day - that will
help strengthen our national identity, promote our freedom
struggle, or weaken China's control over Tibet.

If you are Tibetan, to make your pledge, go to

If you are a Tibet supporter, please consider pledging to
take a specific action for Tibet in the coming year. To

[Those are action pledge forms, not monetary donations]

We further ask that everyone display a candle in your window on February 14th to honor the courage of Tibetans inside Tibet. Below are more suggested actions that you can take in the lead up to and on Losar in your community and on your campus.

The Losar wish of all of us who love Tibet is that the Year
of the Iron Tiger will bring an end to the suffering and
oppression in Tibet so that Tibetans can celebrate future
Losars in peace and freedom.

In hope,

Please take the following actions for Tibet in the lead up
to and on Losar:


You can sign up for email from Students for a Free Tibet's Online Action Center.