Sun Oct 16 3 pm "Being Present"
Join Meditation at Occupy DC
at Freedom Plaza or at Home (2011)


As it turns out at least one WBPF organizer can now be with you at our "Being Present" MeetUp -- namely Garold Stone. Also, DC just approved a 4-month extension for the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations at Freedom Plaza, so there should not be any eviction scuffles there, as have occurred this week elsewhere.
We just received an invitation from Buddhist Peace Fellowship Executive Director Sarah Weintraub, ( for any BPF Chapters (like our WBPF) who can on this short notice, to join BPF in a synchronized "Being Present" meditation at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in NYC, in Berkeley, in DC, and elsewhere around the county, and the world, on Sunday October 16 at 3 pm Eastern Time.  (Below see why)
Please consider participating somehow in this global, synchronized meditation event:
  • If you can get to Freedom Plaza, Pennsylvania Ave NW between 13th & 14th NW, Washington, D.C. (map & Metro), on Sunday October 16 at 3 pm Eastern Time please bring a small "WBPF" sign of your making and look and gather together with others who have small WBPF signs and optionally other mindful messages, to form a meditation group. WBPF organizers may not be able to attend on this short notice, but don't wait for us. 
    Hugh Byrne will be meditating at Freedom Plaza on Friday afternoon (time not yet certain) and we are all encouraged to bring ourselves as models of meditation, mindfulness, wisdom and compassion to the demonstrations in DC on Sunday and otherwise.
  • If you can not get to Freedom Plaza at Sunday October 16 at 3 pm Eastern Time, please consider sitting individually or in small groups of Dharma friends any time or place you can -- or even just take a moment for mindful breathing, or loving kindness/tonglen practice) focused on the peaceful demonstrators and toward the global victims of world-wide financial greed).
  • Wherever you are: Follow this link to post and hear about more events around the country
Occupy Wall Street: Why should engaged Buddhists get involved?
-- By Chris Wilson, Board Chair of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship
[Extract] What role should socially engaged Buddhists play in this nascent movement? ... BPF members in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Tampa and elsewhere have already joined protests in their cities. 
Our endorsement is based on our agreement that the influence of money in politics is blocking many of the social justice and environmental goals that BPF promotes. It is also based on the fact that Occupy Wall Street has made nonviolence one of its primary commitments and thus far has kept that commitment. ...
Hopefully, what Buddhists will contribute is the wisdom that comes from practice in dealing with the strong emotion of anger, channeling it as a source of energy for positive purposes and compassionate action (Thich Nhat Hanh). ...
Buddhists will help the movement stay positive because they understand the importance of maintaining an attitude of “not knowing” (Zen Peacemaker Order), also known as “Beginner’s Mind” (Shunryu Suzuki Roshi), or “The Power of an Open Question” (Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel). Applied thoroughly, this practice will prevent tagging any group as “the enemy” on whom to take revenge. It is not revenge we seek; what we seek is the relief of suffering through the restraint of greed, hatred, and ignorance.
Buddhists can help guarantee that the movement will produce solutions that include everyone with respect and compassion. After all, treating everyone with respect and compassion is the very definition of a legitimate democracy.
(full text)

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