Dec 3 "Nine Minutes of Silence" at Occupy DC Freedom Plaza & Occupy Sites Nationwide

Here are the details we promised for this Saturday's event ... 

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The Buddhist Peace Fellowship and its chapters across the country, including WBPF -- and in collaboration with the Interdependence Project -- will be holding a mindful Nine Minutes of Silence (*) simultaneously at Occupy sites nationwide on Saturday, December 3 at 3 pm eastern time, in solidarity with the Occupy (99%) Movement's ongoing commitment to non-violent action for social justice -- followed by discussion and then a public silent meditation.

Please consider joining WBPF then at Occupy DC Freedom Plaza, E St NW & 13th St NW
  • Map & Metro
  • The closest metro station is Metro Center -- exit at 13th St.NW and walk south two blocks to E St. NW
  • We will gather at the "Soap Box" in the middle of the Freedom Plaza encampment, welcoming Freedom Plaza residents and the public to join us.
  • Look for Bill (picture) and signs for WBPF and "Nine Minutes of Silence".
  • The always present but ever roving portable toilets were last sighted at the east end of Freedom Plaza near the large equestrian statue -- public rest rooms are also available in nearby restaurants. A few are always unlocked -- keys are kept at the information tent.
  • There is another Occupy DC encampment at McPherson Square, but for now we are focused on Freedom Plaza.
  • If you can, please consider bringing (to the information tent) any optional donation (dana) of supplies needed by Freedom Plaza residents -- but not food (even non-perishables). Money donations for food stocks needed by the kitchen, etc., should go through the Occupy DC Freedom Plaza web site or their Facebook page -- Freedom Plaza food is served free to anyone who comes to the food tent, including local homeless people.
Please join us this Saturday if you can, but if you can't ...
Please consider meditating on December 3, at 3 pm or some other time/day this week -- at home, in Sangha, in kalyana mitta, or elsewhere, for "Nine Minutes of Silence" to hold the nationwide Occupy Movement in mindfulness in support with the their ongoing commitment to non-violent action for social justice.  -- resting in three minutes of silencewith each of these three contemplations, which are the focus of the BPF/IDP nationwide simultaneous "Nine Minutes of Silence" meditations 
  • By resting in silence together, we recognize the basic connection we share with all beings -- the 99% and the 1 %. We understand that a single action, born of greed, or compassion, can ripple across ecological, economic and social systems, impacting the lives of many whom we will never meet. [three minutes of silence]
  • In recognizing our interdependence -- our interbeing -- we dedicate ourselves to understanding how the qualities of greed, hatred and delusion play out in our own lives.   We commit to cultivating mindfulness, compassion and loving-kindness in our hearts and our minds for the benefit of all others -- the 99% and the 1%. [three minutes of silence]
  • By resting in silence together we offer our personal transformation as a means for social transformation, and through non-violent social engagement we offer our open hearts, and our energy, to others -- the 99% and the 1% [three minutes of silence]
Saturday, Dec 3
47 | 32 °F
10% Chance of Precipitation