Recap Nov 12 Sit4Change/WBPF Event at Occupy DC (2011)

Eight of us were able to attend our 1 pm - 2 pm Saturday November 12 WBPF meditation event at Occupy DC on Freedom Plaza, lead by WBPF co-organizer Bill Jenkins, in conjunction with Sit4Change, and in coordination with Sit4Change events at Occupy encampments across the country that day, including local Sit4Change coordinator Kim King. A number of other people were attracted to our activity, and stood nearby observing us, as we read from the first chapter of the Dhammapada and sat silently accompanied by Bill's sonorous brass bell. (See pictures below)
Those who came said we should try to do this regularly, maybe weekly, or so. Watch for more WBPF Occupy DC event announcements here , on our MeetUp site, and through our WBPF YahooGroup email list (subscribe here)
The Freedom Plaza encampment of Occupy DC is in the process of reconfirming its commitment to non-violence, after a number of recent disruptive incidents covered in the press -- always away from Freedom Plaza, where there have been no such problems. Two wholesome indications of that recommitment to non-violence are:
1)Near daily nonviolence trainings (usually starting at 11am) in the center of Freedom Plaza, notably by Capital Non-Violent Communications, The training on November 12 lasted over 2 hours, with exercises and interaction among over 40 enthusiastic residents of the Freedom Plaza encampment. That training touched directly on how Occupy DC Freedom Plaza residents govern themselves at their nightly 6 pm Assembly meetings (open to anyone, Freedom Plaza resident or not) and how they can affect how Occupy DC is perceived by authorities and in the press, while still demonstrating effectively and while supporting each resident's need to be heard and valued, regardless of their disagreements, by using the techniques of non-violent communication.

2) Occupy DC Freedom Plaza is now asking encampment residents to sign the following principles statement -- the Occupy DC McPherson Square encampment is discussing a similar statement.

We hope our WBPF meditation events will bring a mindful presence to Occupy DC at Freedom Plaza.

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