Nov 2011 Sit4Change report on nationwide events including WBPF at Occupy DC

A message sent to WBPF ...
To all SIT4Change Participants and Supporters,
We would like to express our gratitude to all those who participated in SIT4Change 2011. Our goal was to to demonstrate the connection between spirit, faith, transformation and achieving social justice goals using the Occupy/99% Movement in a real-life situation. No matter what you think about it, Occupy has succeeded in occupying our attention and, for many, reveals possibilities that didn't exist before, including for SIT4Change!

We noted at least 16 sites of SIT4Change participation both nationally...and internationally, too! Cheers to our Australian and Canadian brothers and sisters bringing inner practice to justice!:

  • Sydney, Australia
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Bremerton, WA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Orlando, FL
  • New York City (2 locations)
  • Miami, FL
  • Detroit, MI
  • Chicago, IL
  • Boston, MA
  • Oakland, CA
  • Washington DC [WBPF]
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Denver, CO
We also know there were sites that were not reported.

Regardless of where you were, with a 
large group or small, [or individually] we would like to extend our gratitude for everyone's heartfelt participation. We are especially grateful for the social media community on Facebook and Twitter for posting and re-tweeting. And a very special thanks to Buddhist Peace Fellowship for putting the word out to their groups [including WBPF].

This was a success for us all!

One note is that SIT4Change was intended to be a self organized event in which people decided their own time and location. But when we posted the information to MeetUp, in particular, we were limited to selecting a fixed time: 9am, rather than the range of 9a-9p which we were suggesting. This caused confusion for some and for that we apologize. We provided information on the SIT4Change website with instructions for self-organizing, but we realize some people did not make it there. This is the first time S4C was done in this context and we are learning, so thank you for the feedback!

More good news is that many folks want to continue these gatherings. We will poll people and also look to connect folks to events already happening at local Occupy sites. We know there is currently energy gathering for:

  • Meditation Flash Mob in San Francisco - November 26
  • Global "Occupy" Meditation Event - December 3 SAVE DATE 
If you would like to get more about these events in particular, please add your contact information to the SIT4Change list at: or join our Facebook page: 

If you haven't already seen our powerful 2-minute video, see it now at: (or search for "sit4change" on YouTube.) You can still endorse SIT4Change to show your commitment to this goal:  For more on a transformative social change view of Occupy, read:

Open Letter to Occupy
Thee Lessons From Occupy

Thank you again for making this a success both on November 12th and in the future.

With our deepest regards,
CXC and SIT4Change Team:

   Alonzo Zochi Young
   Kim M. King
   Oya-Llansa Sherrills
   Prachi Murarka