May 16 OMA - Urgent Global Grassroots Petition to this Weekend's G8 Summitto Stop Climate Change

Opportunity for Mindful Action

Understanding the grave, global environmental harm and social injustice that is already arising due to Climate Change, please read the international grassroots petition below -- and IF You agree, then please consider signing the petition Today and also send this opportunity to others who may share our deep concern. 

As of 9 pm ET May 18, over 516,500 have signed. 
Click here for an updated petition signature count.
Help us get to
 1 million or more before this weekend's G8 Summit.

In three days, world leaders at the G8 summit could agree to a NEW plan that could stop climate change! The plan would transfer the $1 trillion our governments give to polluters every year and invest it in renewable energy. Key leaders including President Obama support ending these crazy payments, and he is hosting the G8 summit this weekend. Let's build a massive public campaign for Obama to lead this plan that could literally save our planet from Climate Change!