Oct 11 OMA - Anti-Muslim Hate Ads in DC & NYC Metro To Be Met With Peaceful Ads and Loving Kindness (2012)

Opportunity for Mindful Action for Peace & Social Justice

As we each consider if and how we might participate in the following invitation from the Friends Committee on National Legislation and the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign to counter anti-Muslim hate ads in the DC & NYC metros, we realize that our Mindfulness practice shows us how we can go beyond countering such hate speech, by extending our loving kindness to those who promote hatred.

       Hatred never ends through hatred.        
       By non-hate alone does it end.
       This is an ancient truth.
      - The Dhammapada,
        as translated by Gil Fronsdal, 2005,
        Shambhala (online audio)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ruth Flower, FCNL <fcnl@fcnl.org>
Date: Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 4:57 PM
Subject: Have you seen the new ads in Metro?


A photo of the Anti-Muslim advertisement at the Takoma Metro station

On Monday, signs went up in Metro stations in the 
Washington, DC area attacking Muslims. The ads
In any war between the civilized man
and the 
savage, support the civilized man.
Support Israel. 
Defeat Jihad.” 

The ads promote inaccurate and inflammatory
about American Muslims, by linking
“savages” to “jihad” and 
calling for their “defeat.”
Muslims in the U.S. are increasingly targeted for hate 
crimes, and these ads support further violence.
In the New York subways, and now in DC, attempts to ban the
signs have failed. First amendment free speech rights have
trumped concerns about the “demeaning” nature of the
So it’s time to send a new message that love
will trump hate.

FCNL is participating with the Shoulder to Shoulder campaign
to fund competing messages to be posted in the metro
system. Our message says:

Hate speech is not civilized. Support peace in word
and deed.

We hope you will send a message that the anti-Muslim
ads don’t speak for you.


Please spread the word by forwarding this email and sharing
on Facebook.
Things you can do:
(1) Write a letter to the editors of the Washington Post
and the Washington Times with a message that honors
religious freedom and diversity.
(2) If you are a Metro customer, write to WMATA
about your own experience riding the Metro
seeing these “hate” signs.
 Metro should not profit from
a hateful, inflammatory message that attacks Metro
customers. Here are some points to mention in your letter:
  • I’m writing about the anti-Muslim ads paid for by
    the American Freedom Defense Initiative.
  • The ads encourage discrimination against
    Muslims by comparing them to “savages”
    rather than “civilized men”.
  • When I see signs with hate messages, like the
    ones that went on display today, I feel attacked.
    Even though I am not Muslim myself, Muslims
    are my neighbors, my co-workers, my partners
    in the community.
  • WMATA shouldn’t profit from a message of
    hatred. Proceeds from the ads should go to the
    DC Human Rights Commission.
[3] After you've taken action, we encourage you to
sign Shoulder to Shoulder's petition to WMATA.

Thank you for your work for a more just, peaceful
community both here and and abroad.
Ruth Flower
Associate Executive Secretary for
Legislative Affairs

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this web page]