Aug 12 - OMA - Aug 12 Rally Against KXL Tar Sands Pipeline​

Opportunity for Mindful Action for Social Justice 
Aug 12 Rally Against KXL Tar Sands Pipeline​
T​his event is open everyone seeking Climate Social Justice -- 
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From: IMAC
Date: Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 12:34 AM
Subject: Interfaith Moral Action on Climate Endorses August 12th "NO Tar Sands KXL Sit in and Rally" at the US State Department = Please Join Us!

Dear IMAC Friends,  

On Monday, August 12th, there will be a nonviolent presence at the Department of State in Washington DC to protest the State Department’s endorsement of the Tar Sands Pipeline as unthreatening to the Earth and human communities.

This action was initiated by CREDO, the Rain Forest Action Network, and The Other 98%, and will occur at 9:00 AM on Monday, August 12th at the US Department of State,  2201 C Street, NW, Washington, DC 20520.  

Some who take part in the action will risk arrest; others will be present in support. Those who expect to risk arrest are required to take part in legal briefings and training on Sunday afternoon, August 11th.  To register click to

Interfaith Moral Action on Climate supports this action as an expression of using moral means to achieve the moral end of protecting the Earth from climate catastrophe, and challenging the use of immoral means – the  manipulation of facts by an oil-connected consulting firm --  to achieve immoral ends – the enrichment of a few great corporations at the cost of damaging the earth and its human communities.

Independent analyses have shown that exploiting the Tar Sands, by far the dirtiest version of oil, requires an enormous emission of CO2 into our atmosphere, already plagued by much too high levels of CO2. These emissions will push our planet into even greater danger of climate catastrophe.

Moreover, repeated breaks and spills from overland oil pipelines have shown that localities and regions will be endangered by the proposed pipeline, as well as the Earth as a whole.

And it turns out that the Department of State depended for its approval on a “consulting” firm that is heavily connected to the oil industry and that did not reveal its real connections. This hint of possible corruption points even more strongly to the conclusion that the Tar Sands Pipeline is so injurious that it can only be justified by undercover manipulations.

Secretary of State John Kerry was an exemplar of commitment to prevent climate disaster while he was a Senator from Massachusetts. We call on him now to annul the pro-pipeline recommendation and undertake a rigorous and independent assessment of its real threat to both planetary and regional environments.

We hope many of you will be able to participate with us in this important action on Monday, August 12th.

IMAC Steering Committee

Rev. Tom Carr, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hartford, CT; Inter-religious EcoJustice Network

Marcia Cleveland, formerly with Friends Committee on National Legislation; Physicians for Social Responsibility

Rev. Terry Ellen, 
Executive Director, Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice  
Ted Glick, Chesapeake Climate Action Network; Co-Founder, Climate Crisis Coalition 
Cynthia Harris, Interfaith Moral Action on Climate
Dr. Mark Johnson, Fellowship of Reconciliation
David Krantz, President, Green Zionist Alliance.
Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, Director, Social Justice Organizing Program, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Fr. Paul Mayer, Co-Founder, Climate Crisis Coalition  
Jacqui Patterson, Director, NAACP Climate Justice Initiative
Rachel Potter, Climate Nexus
Ibrahim Ramey, Muslim American Freedom Society
Catherine Skopic, Former Chair of the Environmental Task Force of the Congregation of Saint Saviour within
the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine 
Karen Scott, Center for Liberty of Conscience
Lise Van Susteren, MD, Board Member - NWF; Advisory Board - Harvard Center for Health and the Global Environment
Rabbi Arthur Waskow, The Shalom Center