UPDATE - VIDEO - Jul 26 8 pm Meditation Flash Mob - Organized by 9/11 Unity Walk

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I arrived at 0805 pm ... metro red line was single tracking, delayed me 1/2 hour. I joined about 50+ people who were already in sitting meditation around the base of the monument/fountain (*). Nearby was a six-ish brass ensemble (trumpets, tuba, drum) joyously improvising loud jazz music, which became the focus of meditation for me and apparently many others, judging from their smiles and visible resonance with the beat. Those who could hear the closing bell, stirred from their sitting posture and the rest of us followed their visual clue. I walked around the circle with my tiny "WBPF" sign and small "Peace is every step banner", looking for any WBPF'ers -- sorry if i missed you. i chatted with some folks at the gathering, and met a guy who practices with the DC Dharma Punx. www.againstthestream.org
(*) Event page facebook.com/events/696016560445961/