Sep 27 2015 Join 100+ Buddhists & Friends in Racial Justice Meditation at White House

Do Buddhists care about ending racial injustice?

help show the world…

100+ Buddhists and Friends showing up for Racial Justice —
5 times bigger than before!

2pm Meditation
3pm Group Photo 

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Following an event at the White House this May, 20 Buddhist delegates gathered before the lawn, holding a banner hand-painted and brought all the way from California by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. 

The Karma of Slavery is Heavy. 
I Vow to Work for Racial Justice.

The action was quiet but powerful. It's not something you see every day. The image has since reverberated across the web, reaching thousands of people, many of whom have expressed delight and gratitude to see Buddhists voicing support for racial justice at this historic time. 

TAKE 2: Quintupled

When the Buddhist Peace Fellowship returns to DC for a visit in early Fall 2015, we would love to convene a 2nd take of this banner photo, expanding the crowd of supporters 5x bigger: from 20 to 100. 

Interfaith, secular, family, friends — ALL comrades of good conscience are invited.

Showing up in support of racial justice is a good first step, but it is clearly not enough. There is amazing Black-led racial justice work going on in Washington DC that deserves our support. This event will also serve as a venue to share information on powerful Black-led local DC organizing.


The brilliant and beautiful resistance movements of Black Lives Matter, the unbelievably committed struggle in Ferguson, Bree Newsome's spectacular confederate flag takedown, and countless other black liberation actions have electrified and educated a nation still gripped by denial of its racist foundations. 

More and more Black people are deploying collective power in the streets, and more and more non-Black POC allies and white allies are discovering that solidarity, while complex and humbling, can be 1000% more empowering than passivity and complacency.

  • Quintuple the crowd in the banner photo from 20 to 100 people
  • Visibilize & Deepen our Buddhist support for racial justice
  • Highlight & Support ongoing DC Black-led racial justice work


RSVP to, and let's build.

Much love and deep bows,
Dawn & Katie

(*) Winners will receive their BPF tote bag 
at the event on Sunday, September 27th